Real Estate Exam Prep Audiobook

Spend a lot of time in your car? Use that time to study for your real estate exam!

The best way to prepare to pass your real estate exam is to use our Real Estate Practice Exams. However, you probably spend a lot of time in your car. Why waste that time when you could be learning key terms and important concepts for your real estate exam?

We have put all of the important content that will appear on your exam on a two disc Audio CD set. The audiobooks cover all of the same material as our instructional videos and are organized by topic:

  1. Liens
  2. Trust Deeds
  3. Title Insurance
  4. Easement by Prescription
  5. Easement in Gross
  6. Easement by Necessity
  7. Emblements
  8. Government Powers
  9. Eminent Domain
  10. Zoning
  11. Encroachment
  12. Economic Obsolescence
  13. Physical Deterioration
  14. Function Obsolescence
  15. Essentials of Value
  16. Gross Rent Multiplier
  17. Market Data Approach
  18. Cost Approach
  19. Principle of Substitution
  20. Regression & Progression
  21. Types of Fraud
  22. Puffing
  23. Secondary Market
  24. Amortization
  25. Subordination vs Subrogation
  26. 1031 Exchange
  27. Bundle of Rights
  28. "...or" vs "" Rule
  29. What is a License?
  30. What is an Agent?
  31. Agency Basics
  32. Dual Agent
  33. Attorney in Fact
  34. Real & Personal Property
  35. Fixtures
  36. Water Rights
  37. Appurtenance
  38. Forms of Ownership
  39. Life Estate
  40. Leases
  41. Types of Leases
  42. Freehold Estates
  43. Contract Basics
  44. Essentials of a Valid Contract
  45. Bilateral vs. Unilateral
  46. Implied Contract
  47. Void, Voidable, Valid
  48. Options Contract
  49. Listings
  50. Types of Listings
  51. Earnest Money Deposit

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