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It is great to do practice exams & questions, but there is no point in testing yourself on something that you do not have a basic understanding of.

The best way to get a basic understanding of the national content of your exam is with the Online Real Estate Exam Review Videos!

Donít believe us?
Ask a group of people to describe a scene from there favorite book, then ask the same group of to describe a scene from there favorite movie.
Far more people will be able to describe the movie than the book.

So why not study for the real estate exam in the same way.
Our Real estate videos are divided into short clips so you can focus on any one topic at a time.

As you watch the video, you will see key words and images to help you gain a greater understanding of the material

Our videos are made to be seen on the internet! 

DO NOT purchase a video of a instructor who just recorded himself doing a class lecture!!  Those are much longer and boring as time is taken up with bad jokes, student comments and tangents that will make no sense if you are not in the classroom.

You can watch the videos online at anytime and in any order.

The categories of videos are as follows:

Government powers
Less than freehold estates
Property management
Contract essentials
Listing agreements
Practice and disclosure
Federal law
Water rights
Zoning Title
Title insurance
Forms of ownership
Appraisal approaches
Appraisal define value
Secondary market
FHA and VA
Types of loans
Mortgage loan clauses